Thursday, May 19, 2011

Med City - Pass no. 2

An Update so far on this "Speed Painting" So, needless to say, I need to learn how to paint faster. At least I'm having fun! The painting changes as I use various reference images and the layout starts to change when ideas come to me.

Here is the latest....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reference Photto

Here is a reference photo I'm working from....

Med City - Pass no. 1

And now I'm working on a new Mediterranean City. Here is the first "pass" so far....

Practicing concept sketching

I have finished a new "Concept Sketch" of a Tumbler Vehicle that was originally drawn by Sam Brown a master Concept designer. Anyway, here is my first vehicle that I sketched out using Photoshop CS4 and referencing Sam Brown's work. Hope you like!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

So many styles of painting....

As an Artist, many people ask, why do I create so many paintings in various styles and of various subject matter? The answer, I've studied art professionally at Ringling School of Art and Design and I noticed during art history classes that most masters created work they were known for (one style, one genre) and they created other styles and genres of work so that they would be able to explore their creativity. They didn't want to to become stagnant and create the same work over and over again. They evolved! Look at Picasso and Boccioni - great examples of artists that jumped styles - oh wait, one more.... Leonardo Da Vinci!