Friday, November 9, 2012

Well, the cat's out of the bag.....I am working with Janet Iannantuono to bring to North Charleston, SC a new Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Gaming Convention that promises already to be epic! It's called AtomaCON and will be in November of next year! Here is the facebook link:

The website will be called

Monday, November 5, 2012


Today I'm going to write about two people that I have been blessed to have met recently and have gotten to know. They are Evelyn DeVere and J Honea of Carnivalesque! WWW.CARNIVALESQUESHOWS.COM. In the past few years, there has been an exciting revitalization in America and throughout the world of The Classic Vintage Carnival Era shows that honor the Great Burlesque Performers with their master of seduction and the art of the tease that simply glorify the beauty, majesty and mystery of a woman. Lead by a mysterious Ringmaster with their unique ability to capture the imagination and wonder of the audience with his seductive speech that lures the audience into a world of beauty, mystery, danger and awe featuring very gifted and unique performers unlike anything you've seen live. The performers they have in their troupe are talented artisans that have dedicated their life to years of delicate training to accomplish amazing feats that as they say in the business, “You Should NEVER try this at home!” You never know quite what you will see from sword swallowing, fire dancing to aerial acrobatics and much more; but to see it in person will always stun an otherwise jaded audience as the stunts performed are real and really dangerous. There are no “special effects”, no computer animation, no tricks of any kind; just authentic and raw performances that blow the audience's mind one seen live and in person usually from just a few feat away.

Evelyn DeVere is the Founder and Director of CarnivalesqueTM and is a stunningly beautiful and accomplished burlesque performer, belly dancer, and aerialist. She is also a very elegant and striking looking woman whose style is that of the great Hollywood glamor stars of the film noir era right out of the 40's. She is also a skilled seamstress and makes most of her own costumes which are quite stunning! Here is her website for more information

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J Honea is the Ringmaster and sideshow director with years of experience and training in sideshow performance. His remarkable and dashing looks sporting a vintage handlebar mustache and beard along with Tophat and cane gives him the unique persona of the darkly mysterious.. His ability to speak with a commanding voice allows him to seduce the audience into daring to enter the world of the carnival sideshow. As their website states; “Years of studying subjects from human anatomy to primitive body rituals have lead this carnal cavalier to develop certain singular skills. Combining these with his gift for the dramatic and a cadre of beautiful women, he has aided in developing a stage spectacular which now wows audiences near and far.”

There are other wonderful performers as well to see like Drew Reynolds – The Strong Man and Juggler ; Wonderson – a duo made up of Jordan Anderson and Clayton Woodson that are master acrobalance aerialist that will defy gravity and physics. Last, but not least, Zahrah will dazzle and delight with her belly dance performances combined with veils, wings and swords to add to the spectacular show.

So, If you are looking for a night of wonder, mystery and edgy action-packed dares, this is the show you would love to attend and see. You'll be talking about it for years to your friends and do it now, for you never know, The Carnival Only Comes Into Town at Night and Only for a Limited Time.....
Something you do not want to miss!