Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Booth at MegaCon 2012 - Booth 960

Well, just finished with MEGACON and was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone who came to my booth 960 and supported us! We had a great time!

Monday, February 6, 2012

This past Friday, there was an art walk downtown and although we were packed with a great amount of people as it was a wonderful night for a walk downtown! I did well in sales....

I feel sorry for many artists however during this time as about 98-99% of most artists are struggling to make art sales of any kind due to the economy and being election and oil prices; even though all of the world is being lied to by the large oil companies about why it's so expensive! It's absolute lies and I hope the oil cartels and oil executives get their true dues coming to them while billions of lives suffer trying to work 2-3 jobs just to pay the bills.  It's really sad that oil went up because of speculators at wall street, hurricane Katrina, threats to our supplies even though we don't actually get oil from these countries that threaten us. In fact we are very close to making enough oil for our entire nation solely without any need for middle eastern oil, but they lie to us about that too.  Why am I ranting about oil? Because it affects our lives hard with rising costs of shipping which raises costs of everything.  The first cut backs are people cutting back on art.  "Not necessary, art is a luxury item" they say while they drink alcohol, smoke and take anti-depressants to make themselves feel better in a chaotic world.  Art IS a NECESSITY especially in your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen because that's where you spend 80% of your home life! I bet most people have standard, boring, "Pier-1" (chinese made) art on their walls that mean little or nothing to them.  They wake up not even looking at their walls all the while forgetting that their environment controls their emotions.  Bland art equals bland attitude the rest of the day.....or worse, angry and sour.  How much have you spent on your bed? You know you spend a third of your life in that 6'x5' area! Why not spend the money to make your bedroom, your sanctuary great! Or make your own art! You did when you were a child, what happened?!?!? You got scared, you stopped buying for yourself, you get more scared, you drink, take anti-depressants or worse; various drugs to make it through the day when you really need to brighten up your world with art, music, meditation and most importantly - prayer! People complain about losing their jobs when ironically they are killing jobs by not supporting artists.  No art sales means no purchasing of supplies from artists which shuts down canvas sales, paint sales, brush sales, frame sales, paper sales, art stores and numerous other art supply manufacturing factories.  No art sales means no advertising, no rent money for landlords as galleries close.  No Art Galleries means no other shops in the same area or bars or restaurants as art draws a sophisticated crowd that dines out with wine and cocktails.  Restaurants and bars and other shops close and the cycle continues as less purchases of food and wine affects food and wine distributors, box and label makers, bottle factories; etc along with less need for food and wine delivery people. Waiters and cooks lose their jobs as their restaurant closes.  The cycle of closures continue.  Crime increases due to desperation....So you saved a few dollars by not buying any art and drinking free wine and cheese an art gallery opening while being "seen" by others out and about and socializing.....Mitt Romney wants to cut the arts budget in half which is a mere $300 estimated million federal dollars a year.  That's like a penny in relation to a year's salary that is saved all the while destroying thousands even millions of jobs nationally!  Follow the paper trail, do the research and you would probably understand better.  Art is the backbone of society even though others might think it's not "necessary" or even "shocking, outspoken or offensive".  These same people are the ones who will be the catalyst for a collapsed empire in the end.  Without the arts, no civilization as we know it. Without the arts, you couldn't make television shows, sports shows and games, movies, video games or decorate various boxes and ads with cool graphics to help sell your product.  Without the arts, you wouldn't have much to choose from in fashion color and design or even the latest sports car model design.  Life would be bland, cold and bleak just like old East Germany before the wall came down.  Support the ARTS!