Thursday, January 5, 2012

One of my concept pieces I created on the Wacom Cintiq Tablet and here are the variations. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Great art is never rewarded or given it's due.  There are literally millions of artists all struggling to make ends meet.  Many of them have amazing talent that will never be recognized or rewarded.  They begin with a desire to create which grows to a dream of being an artist in life.  Many questions and journeys begin for the artist as they start their quest for greatness.  As time passes, some of the lucky, not necessarily talented ones will be chosen for market success.  They will inadvertently  find success, mostly early on their quest, because of being in the right place at the right time with the right people selecting who is their favorite "Flavor of the Day".  It's a hard sad truth that is gaining ground more and more everyday.  Simply turn on the television, the radio or go to the theater and see the talent that is is in the limelight.  I'm not discounting their talent, I'm only saying that there should be more variety and more voices heard than just the "popular" artists in certain cliques.  There are many more vastly talented artists with vastly superior skills being ignored or pushed aside.  15 minutes ago, I was invited to a local "contemporary" portrait art contest, the artists have already been selected, most I never heard of. The artists will have a limited amount of time to draw from a live model and the winner will be selected on true merit supposedly, but what I've seen in the past, it's not skill, but local hero fame that have allowed them to win first lace. Last year an artist used an opaque projector right in front of everyone and won.  I like his work, but I don't think it's fair to the other artists who created from visual observation in a live format. I already know the outcome for this year based on the selection of artists.  This is sad and I'm tired of art cliques, local connections based on looks or age rather than raw talent.  I'm tired of the local stars being written about by art "critiques" who have absolutely no formal art training who have aligned themselves with the local media to give them power to control the local art market.  There has to be a better or more fair way to judge art, music and film.  Perhaps one day, the public will say - enough, time to see real talent again. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Been working constantly this past week on paintings and it's been great! I've finished about 10 so far that have been laying around my studio for about 6 months.  It's typical for most artists to work on several paintings at once while creating new ones whilst others sit in the darkness waiting to be born into this world which sometimes takes years for the final touches.  Some people, I'm sure, think that art is just made, but true art that comes from the heart comes from inspirational times when so motivated and the work is blessed to received divine providence. 
I was just thinking today of how many times in a day someone asks me what a scalene triangle is and what is the cosine of that angle. Happens to me, oh, at LEAST 1000 times a day....NOT!!! For those that are scratching their heads at this statement, I'm talking about the stuff we had to learn in high school that we NEVER use ever unless we are architects or civil/structural engineers. Our school system is designed for the general 50% of all students while the other 50% suffer as they are not visual learners, i.e. good at reading comprehension or frantically watching a chalkboard while the teacher writes their notes. A lot of people are Kinesthetic learners which means that the "Three R's" aren't a practical way to teach. We are the ones that learn by doing, master/apprentice programs by using our hands and by creating with our minds; yet everyday our politicians want to cut all or most of funding to music, arts or vocational programs. ....and we wonder why our youth can't find decent jobs. " amongst yourselves, discuss.....Coufee Taulk"