Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hitting the bigtime! I'm in this incredible collectible one of a kind art book! Entitled "Gods and Goddesses" where over 111 world famous Fantasy Illustrators were invited to create a visual depiction of a God or Goddess from ancient Mythology.  It's a beautifully bound book with the highest grade Silk papers and great color matching of the original paintings!  If you love Fantasy Art, you will adore this book! Worth every last penny!!! - Works also by Larry Elmore, Don Maitz, Dave Dorman, Donata Giancola, Gregbo Watson, the amazing Tom Durham - - along with; and get this....John Howe!!! Lord of the Rings fandom!

This book is World Wide BUT LIMITED NUMBER!!!!! (I believe only 1000 total were made)...


Signature line next to each illustration from the artist!

I created the painting of PELE' - The Goddess of Hawaiian Volcanoes and Fire - I would like to thank   my good friend Allegra - - The Beautiful Allegra Liana for being the model and making her outfit with her company . Check it out! Here are the photos. You can get your copy at  At DragonCon - You can also buy them directly from Michael or Malcolm as they will be at DragonCon and Florence Comic Con in September. There is an alternate version of her in the bonus sections as the Producers asked me to include her in that section.

INCENTIVE EXTRA!!! If you purchase one of these books online, LET ME KNOW!!!, and I will give you a free $30 - 11x14 - High Quality print of the painting shown below! No Kidding!

Below is the 11x14 print I would send (FREE!) if you purchased this week from the website - but you have to tell them when ordering  and send me a message to and LIKE my page of Art.  

Produced by brothers Michael Phifer and Malcolm Phifer.


Copyright 2016 - James Christopher Hill - James Hill Gallery and Studios - James Hill Studios

Thursday, March 3, 2016

New App from called SKELLY 2.0 upgrade came out today.  It's an AMAZING app for anyone wanting to draw the human figure (skeleton is completely articulated and can pose any way you think of).  The app even comes with various poses in a library ready to be adjusted for what pose you want! It's super easy to use! Highly recommended!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Over the past 2 years, I've slowly been studying advanced mathematical equations and formulas along with Sacred Geometry.  The two go hand in hand and Lately, I've been learning musical notes and music theory.  It's unbelievable the intricate mathematical formulas that are needed to make perfect harmony.  Studying the 12 sided Chord range is mind blowing including the diminishing 7th and the Flattened 5th chords and how music is tied to architecture, to astronomy, to chemistry and science and of course religion.  The tempo, the pace, the minors and the majors I'm still learning but this is helping me better understand the human and crate better paintings. 

I'm reading 3 books, Quadrivium, Sciencia, and Designa.  - they are loaded with increadible factual data that clearly demonstrates that the humans of old are just as smart or smarter today than the average person.  I've never liked math, but if you remember the question every kid asks...."When will we ever use math or need history?"  Everyday it seem now.