Thursday, October 29, 2015

This past weekend at the Arts and Literary Festival held annual in Beaufort County was a great treat for me as the show was full of wonderful people located at the Frampton Plantation in Beaufort, South Carolina.  Artisans and Writers were there to display their latest creations.  Even John Wayne's Grandson and his name is John Wayne as well, he even looks like the "Duke" and was there selling his history books about the South after the civil war.  I also purchased Selling on Main Street - a great book, but I'll talk about those books in my next blog along with Virginia Adams. No, in this entry, I want to tell you about another amazing writer, producer, creator, Joel Eisenberg.

I want to discuss this incredible new book series created and written by Hollywood Producer and Writer Joel Eisenberg.  The book is called The Chronicles of Ara: Creation - and you can find it here for sale at  

"Joel working at his desk"

About the Author

Joel Eisenberg has been interested in the mechanics behind artistic creation, an ongoing theme of the Chronicles of Ara series, since he penned the non-fiction How to Survive a Day Job in 2004. Interviewing 70+ professional creatives, including celebrities from several artistic industries, he credits his “mentor in a box” tome with hastening the realization of his dad’s inspiring words from forty years ago. Writing a novel with similar objectives, much less a series, has been on his bucket list since. Professionally, Joel has worked primarily in the movie and television industries as a writer and producer. The film he is most proud of, April Showers, which he executive produced, was based on the Columbine school shooting tragedy. He is a former Special Education teacher and supports school safety causes. Joel lives with the only woman in the world who could put up with him, his wife, Lorie, and their rescue dog (repeating a not-so-subtle message there), Koko, in Los Angeles, California. Stephen Hillard grew up in Bossier City, Louisiana, and Grand Junction, Colorado. He graduated from Colorado State University, and also earned a degree in Philosophy at Columbia University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado. Before settling into his current career as a private equity entrepreneur, Steve was a teacher at Rikers Island Prison, a welder, a carpenter, and a practicing litigation attorney. He is the founder of Council Tree Investors, a private equity fund involved in the entertainment and telecom industries. Steve has also been an active philanthropist, focusing primarily on higher education, as well as at-risk Latino and indigenous youth, at the Escuela Tlatelolco in Denver, Colorado. In 2011, Steve published Mirkwood: A Novel About JRR Tolkien, which sparked international controversy, became an Amazon Best Seller, received a national prize and was subsequently published world-wide in Spanish by Grupo Planeta. In addition to collaborative efforts with his partner, Joel Eisenberg, on the Chronicles of Ara, Steve is developing other projects. These include an untitled prequel to Mirkwood; Farway Canyon, a retro-horror graphic novel about radiation, blobs, and (of course) Cold War zombies, and KNOLL, a novel about JFK, Carlos Marcello, Elvis, the NSA, and Edward Snowden. He resides with his wife, Sharmaine, in San Antonio, Texas. Joel and Steve can be contacted directly through their author page,

Recently as of Saturday on Variety News, this book has been optioned for a new pilot series of 8 hours for prime-time viewing on a major television network.  (I'd read the books first for there are more coming, 2 are already completed along with Perdition).....Both are available through Amazon via limited edition hard cover book, paperback or kindle.  It is an amazing read and I highly recommend this book to anyone of loved Dan Brown's books such as The Davinci Code or Angels and Demons starring Tom Hanks; or even better and more "cerebral" Umberto Eco's - The Name of the Rose (now a major motion picture starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater) or Foucault's Pendulum.

A must buy for anyone who loves mystery, secret codes, thriller adventures.