Sunday, April 19, 2015

The artist I want to discuss today is simply another amazing artist named Paul Winter - that asked me what I thought of his work.  In a word that if you look up the real meaning...."incredible!" His work reminds me a bit of another great monster artist named Basil Gogos -

Paul's work is simply stunning and if I could, I'd have everyone of his pieces. He paints subject matter that I love (Classic Horror Film Icons) and beautiful portraits! I'm proud to say that I will be getting a print of Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee as they were the three greats of 50's to early 70's film classics.  They cringed, if you pardon the pun, at the idea that the BBC created a rating for all films we now know today as HORROR.  When color movies became more prevalent, suddenly the BBC saw blood as red and were suddenly disgusted as many on the BBC sensor board decided to brand any movie in the genre with an H rating for "Horrible".  The big three were, another pun I know, mortified! They felt by doing beautifully done Edgar Allen Poe films and of course the classics of Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman that their films were not horrible but adult "Fairy Tales"; i.e., don't play God, don't make a deal with the devil, don't trust strangers, avoid addictions, etc.  Instead they found their lives' work, as they were all classically trained actors, suddenly degraded by the H rating and to them it was offensive to call their work "Horror" films.  Time has proved, though, that they are the masters and the films are still the best films around of that genre to watch.  Paul clearly captures the energy, excitement and magnificence of the great movies in his paintings.  The reason I compare his work with the modern day master Basil Gogos is the precision of the likeness of his subject matter and the color ranges which few artists dare try and they both pull off the multi-color range perfectly.  Take a look at Paul's Winter's work and you will see how great he is and how you would probably want to hire him for a great book cover instead of some simple "photograph" or graphic to save money.  You get what you pay for and if you pay a little extra, you get a cover that WILL sell your book or your movie.  Paul is a wonderful person and great to work with and obviously very prolific.  Take a look at his work at this link and enjoy his masterpieces.  I do.  Here are a few samples of his work...

Friday, April 17, 2015

I met an amazingly talented artist this weekend at Megacon.  Here is her link - check out her work which is amazing! She has also begun a series of fantasy novels.

Monday, April 6, 2015

I wanna turn you guys onto a fantastic artist called Gregbo Watson  - (Facebook Fan Page) - He's simply an amazing artist and great guy to meet. I love his style of art.  I've always admired comic styled artists that can draw a person in a unique style like the other master comic artists and his work just stands out nicely among thousands of very talented comic artists.  His work is both bold and whimsical and worth taking a look at.  Check out his Facebook Fanpage and see what I mean.   Wonderful work!