Sunday, January 1, 2012

I was just thinking today of how many times in a day someone asks me what a scalene triangle is and what is the cosine of that angle. Happens to me, oh, at LEAST 1000 times a day....NOT!!! For those that are scratching their heads at this statement, I'm talking about the stuff we had to learn in high school that we NEVER use ever unless we are architects or civil/structural engineers. Our school system is designed for the general 50% of all students while the other 50% suffer as they are not visual learners, i.e. good at reading comprehension or frantically watching a chalkboard while the teacher writes their notes. A lot of people are Kinesthetic learners which means that the "Three R's" aren't a practical way to teach. We are the ones that learn by doing, master/apprentice programs by using our hands and by creating with our minds; yet everyday our politicians want to cut all or most of funding to music, arts or vocational programs. ....and we wonder why our youth can't find decent jobs. " amongst yourselves, discuss.....Coufee Taulk"

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