Tuesday, August 14, 2012

O.k. Lesson for the day concerning really great artists of the world.  I live in Charleston, SC; a town that is full of artists and their "Charleston/Low-country paintings".  Almost everyone here paints scenes of the Charleston buildings, marshes and palmetto trees and while their work that they create is nice concerning "marketable - tourist art" they do no hold my attention too much for long as I look for great talent throughout the world.  One doesn't have to look too far to notice real talent when you discover Comic/Fantasy/SciFi illustrators that blow most artists out of the water concerning real technical skills.  One of the artists I will speak of tonight is not necessarily one of the most popular, but one of the most talented and well-respected heroes of the fantasy illustration world.  His name is Melvyn Grant and here is his website to read and learn about him. http://www.melgrant.com
Here is a great interview with him speaking about his life and his art -   http://www.melgrant.com/interview3-index01.html

Take time to look at his work and I think you will be impressed!

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