Monday, January 28, 2013

All right, It's time to talk about a real artist. A talent that exist in this world that can pretty much draw and create any image he wants.  He is a master of many subjects, but in my humble opinion his mastery is in Dragons.  He is the official illustrator for Insane Clown Possie and I can understand why, but his real talent lies in dragons and every concept you need painted.  His name is Tom Wood. www.TomWood.

Here is official website:
And his facebook fanpage.....

The guy is a master painter and I was so happy and humbled to be stationed next to him at Dragoncon this year.  I got to know the real person behind the talent and while I was there to have fun, say hello to my dear friends, and spend money on what I really wanted, all of my money went to him.  I now have two dragon macquets in my living room along with several t-shirts, posters, cups, etc.   Check his work out and you WILL be amazed!  This is the main reason I go to Dragoncon/Comicon to meet the master and I got the honor of having a booth right next to a great master! Tom Wood. .....Check his work out!

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