Wednesday, February 18, 2015

James Christopher Hill

I've been in a time in my life looking for various keys of what I want to paint and I finally have figured out that the various paintings and styles that I work in shouldn't really affect what a person thinks. Most marketing "geniuses" out there will tell you that you need to show only your best works, your strongest pieces and only one style or type of work to be successfully financially. While that is sound marketing advice and good advice, it's sad advice because anyone that gets into art to make money or for vanity and only for that reason, "shame on you".

I'm trying to change the world to make people see in my work two sides of the human journey and for that, I have to grow as an artist continuously by changing styles and subject matter to where I know how to paint all things to where finally I will create one day true masterpieces that will last for Glory to the Divine (for me it's God and for you it might be Gods/no Gods/Goddesses/Indras/The Force, you get the point, or whatever belief system that works for you I respect).  Through this process I hope that my work lives on after I'm gone and not be forgotten and left to inspire to create.  We are all here for a reason. Did you know that the universal laws of physics basically say that if you suddenly cease from existence, all the universe would collapse upon the time and space rift of the empty void you created by suddenly disappearing as you take up in mass and energy  needed so that the universe can keep everything together. You are all important in the grand scheme!.

I hope that one day my work creates ideas of our future in a positive Utopian way by creating future city designs that will hopefully inspire architects and engineers of the future to create cities that are not only fully sustainable, zero carbon footprint and waste, but burn no fossil fuels and can geometrically house all people safely and comfortable.

I am also painting ancient ruins of wastelands and fallen empires to show that by greed and negativity this will be our fate unless we start changing our attitudes now from greed and self centered attitudes and finally complete apathy from our current generations of entitlement and arrogance. We live on one planet that is really dying, it's not propaganda. If you could see the earth from space, you would understand the devastation we have already wreaked on this planet. 

I say this as I set up my work and I'm sure people when they come and love either my Gothic/Horror works that show the darkness in this world in a new light to the sci-fi cities that I create to the fantasy dragons/castles to the colorful nebulae of space; they might be someone confused of who I am and represent, but a true artist explores all subjects, get out of their comfort zone and take on new challenges each day starting with DaVinci and Michaelangelo. I revere the human skeleton and the miracle of the human body to the ability of what humans are capable.

God said we are made in the image of God. I personally believe our mission is to listen, to create and to inspire change. If we as artists fail to do that, we are but wall decorations quickly forgotten. It seems lately that corporations and hotels, etc; all choose to hang "non-objective" "SAFE" work so as to not rock the boat, to not offend everyone. They are to me just remakes of the new pop artists/80s movement of corporate work of just colors thrown randomly on canvas.

Well, I say take a risk, do what you want to do. There will always be someone more talented and better than me, but I look at their work as inspiration as to where I want to be years from now. Even at 48, I still feel 18 and I believe my mission is far from over. When I attain what I need a to accomplish spiritually, technically, is the time to pass one to the eternal. Until then, as long as I breath air, I will strive to create whatever comes to mind, like a good writer that never edits or erases their flow of thought; I will create what I want and what comes from my spirit and my heart.

I start, I create and maybe I create an image quickly or over years of time. So, please don't ever ask an artist - "how long did it take to create this painting?" - it's a Quantum answer that basically it took the artist all of their lifelong experiences and hard work to achieve their position and their current ability.

My work varies, but I love going to a major museum and looking at the master artist's process as their mature and grow over years and years especially if they change styles and techniques everyday. We are all affected by all of the world and universe and what it has to offer. We take in to our subconscious mind every bit of data and we record all we see, sense, feel, smell and touch and then we artists feel something in the wind long before everyone else and you might want to head the warnings that come from them deep inside the paintings for we are conduits of the Divine and it is our responsibility to be able to bring this message to the people first if there is something wrong with us or the planet. We are the dreamers, we are the creators of your world in the future. We inspire to create. But it takes a unique vision and then the right technical knowledge of science and math to create the future to motivate the human race the next stage of creation and to the design process and implementation. That is why it's important in my opinion to get hold of the "math" which are the crude sketches, the process of the artists to really understand what is in their creative minds. Only then can you see the big picture forming much later. There is more to come as I have created an entire plan and I believe while you may have seen some amazing art, you haven't seen anything yet!

 Enthusiastically, James Christopher Hill - February 18th, 2015. James ps. we were promised flying cars with nuclear fusion that was safe and cheap by now!


Thank you for your time today! :) Sincerely, James Hill

All Rights Reserved 2015 - Copyright - James Christopher Hill

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  1. Bravo! This earns you a standing ovation! I love this!
    "Our mission is to create and to inspire change!" VERY well said!