Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gothic Art - An homage to the Nineteenth Century Realist Painters

"Another City In Ruins" - 48" x 36" Original Oil Painting - $3,200 (available in prints as well)

Here is one of my latest "Dark Ruins" paintings in oil. It is an homage to the great Nineteenth Century Realist Painters like Frederick Church and William Turner. They believed that in that time the world was coming to an end due to industrialization. They feared the loss of innocence and beauty in nature would be replaced with corruption and greed. They weren't far off from their predictions!

This painting that I created called "Another City in Ruins" reflects my feelings about where our society is heading with greed and corruption in our leaders. With bank bailouts and foreclosures run ramped, and the few fat cats up in Washington and in Dubai taking all of our money so that the 1% can control everything, I wonder how they can sleep at night while they sell their souls. However, like the 19th century realists I believe that we can warn our society before it's too late with our paintings, our words and our music. We don't want archeologists to be standing on the ruins of our civilization 1000 years from now wondering what went wrong. It's time to start creating a world of peace and prosperity for everyone and take back the power and money from the corrupt few. I hope one day that this painting may inspire someone to put down their greed and start learning to be generous before it's too late.

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